Using the PokerStars Client

Once you've mastered the software features you'll easily see why the games, tournaments, and special features are regarded as the industry's best.

Here's a preview and a guide for navigating the PokerStars lobbies and playing at PokerStars tables.

When you open your PokerStars client, the main lobby appears on your screen.

PokerStars Game Lobby


  1. Lobby - Log in, visit the Cashier or Exit the PokerStars game software.
  2. Account - Manage your PokerStars account. Features here include validating your email (a requirement), changing your Account details, and attaching your personal image/avatar to your account.
  3. Requests - Request stats on your play, make a money transfer to a PokerStars player and find your tournament tickets here.
  4. Options - Customize your sounds, deck color and other game features.
  5. View - Cascade or stack multiple tables or even change the theme of your tables.
  6. Help - Get current PokerStars news, FAQs, check out the FPP Store or contact support.
  7. Displays a live update of how many players are logged in to PokerStars.
  8. Shows current news - Left click your mouse to see more news.
  9. Main game navigation tabs.
  10. Limits and Tournament sub-menus.
  11. Information bar - Gives game details and allows you to sort games by stakes, limit, players etc by clicking on the columns.
  12. Lobby scroll bar - Use this bar to quickly scroll through all the tables to find the game of your choice.
  13. Game information box - This box displays current players and chip counts of any table you have highlighted.
  14. Click here to hide full tables from your view.
  15. Cashier -Allows you to easily fund or make withdrawals from your account, visit the FPP Store, check your VIP status, check your chip balances, and check your deposit bonus status.
  16. Go To Table - Takes you to any highlighted table.
  17. Current Time -All listed PokerStars games are on Eastern Time unless otherwise shown.

PokerStars Table

  1. Shows current and previous hand - Clicking hand number will open Instant Hand History.
  2. Chip tray - Click to add more chips or change your game options.
  3. Viewing Options - Allows you to stack multiple tables for a better view.
  4. Leave Table - Will fold your hand and remove you from the game.
  5. View Lobby - Click here to bring up the main lobby to search for new games.
  6. Chat - Clicking here shows current game details and player chat.
  7. Notes - Clicking here opens a tab where you may type notes about your opponents.
  8. Stats - Clicking here shows your recent stats - since you have been playing at the table.
  9. Join Waiting List - If the table you want to play it is full you may join the waiting list and be notified when a seat becomes available.

We've just scratched the surface! Playing poker at PokerStars is an online poker experience better than anything you've tried before. From the fast software and attractive graphics to the most features of any online poker room, they have dedicated themselves to making you feel like a Poker Star at the tables!