The Beginners Quiz - Rules and Tips

Here are the rules and conditions of the second quiz, the IntelliPoker Beginners Quiz .

Entrance requirements: 

  • The first quiz, the basic quiz, has to be passed successfully. In addition to that, you need a real money account at PokerStars.
  • All articles and videos of the beginners section have to be viewed and are furnished with a green checkmark (which articles you have already read can be seen in the following illustration:)


  • A fixed number of questions concerning the different knowledge areas is asked.
  • The questions are selected from a huge pool of questions via random generator.
  • The quiz has a time limit of 20 minutes; if it expires you have failed the quiz.
  • Each question has a maximum number of points. The sum of all possible points available in the displayed questions is 100%. The actual reached points are put into proprotion to this value.
  • You have to reach at least 75% in order to pass the quiz successfully.

Quiz failed:

  • You can repeat the quiz, but only after a time interval of at least three days. You should use this time to work through the education content once again. 

Quiz passed:

  • The quiz is now closed and thus can't be repeated anymore. Therefore the reached (valid) result can't be improved later on.
  • A potential prize (see below) depends on the quiz result. 

Prizes for passing the quiz successfully:

  • If you pass the quiz successfully you are rewarded with IPPs – the number of IPPs depends on your quiz result.
  • Optional you get cash from IntelliPoker, a tournament ticket and/or a deposit bonus from PokerStars (certain conditions have to be fulfilled).
  • As you can see in the above chart, the better you will do in the quiz, the more prizes you will get. The education content should therefore be studied exactly before making the quiz.
  • First-Time Deposit Bonus: Players, who haven't made a deposit yet, will get the so-called first-time deposit bonus: PokerStars will add a bonus of 100% to your deposit amount (up to a maximum of $100 according to the above chart). However, you won't receive the bonus money immediately, since you have to earn a fixed amount of FPPs first (transferred IPPs don't count here!).
  • Reload Bonus: Players, who have already made a deposit, will get a reload bonus. This means you will get a certain bonus amount as soon as you make a new deposit; if you deposit e.g. $40 and you have received a $40 Reload Bonus then you will, besides your own deposit of $40, get an additional $40 from PokerStars - however, you won't get the bonus money immediately, since you have to earn a certain number of FPPs first (transferred IPPs don't count here!).
  • Tournament Tickets: You will get one or several tickets for the IntelliPoker Open Monthly Final, each worth $11. The IntelliPoker Open is a new tournament series presented by IntelliPoker on PokerStars. The monthly finals take place on Saturday at 8:05 pm Central European Time. In order to determine which tournament tickets you have you can go to the PokerStars lobby and retrieve a list under Requests > Tournament Tickets:

Two examples:

  • Play money player "Hugo" passes the beginners quiz with 99 %. Hugo receives 100 IPPs straight away, but he also wants to receive the money gift from IntelliPoker and the first-time deposit bonus from PokerStars. Hugo now wants to make a deposit into his PokerStars account, but how much should he pay in?
  • If Hugo only pays in $10, he nevertheless receives $100 from IntelliPoker, but only a first-time deposit bonus of $10 from PokerStars. Thus, he has $110 before and $120 after clearing the bonus (plus winnings or losses from the period of time he needed to clear the bonus).
  • If Hugo however pays in $100, he receives the $100 from IntelliPoker and a $100 Bonus from PokerStars. Thus, he has 300$ available after clearing the bonus (you won't receive the bonus from PokerStars immediately, see the small print).
  • During his deposit Hugo enters the received bonus code, in this case IP100, in the corresponding field.
  • Real money player "Tim" passes the second quiz with 85%. Tim automatically receives 70 IPPs and at the end of the second quiz he can select, whether he wants to receive
  1. nothing more,
  2. a reload bonus from PokerStars worth 40$ or
  3. Tournament tickets worth $22.
If Tim selects the ticket it is usually issued automatically within a few minutes, if he selects a reload bonus it will be available as soon as he makes his next deposit. Tim will receive the required bonus code (in this case IP40) from us via email.  

The small print:

  • A player is classified as play money player, if he has never before made an own deposit. The money from the first quiz doesn't change this classification. The other way around all players that have already made an own deposit, received money from other players or have won money in a freeroll tournament are classified as real money players. This classification is not changeable.
  • In order to get cash from IntelliPoker, when you are a play money player, you have to make an own deposit first. The reason? Security. We won't and have to protect us from fraudsters, who want to tap the money gift from IntelliPoker several times. We ensure this by connecting the money gift to a deposit. There is no upper limit, but you have to keep in mind that you have to make a deposit of at least $10.
  • The deposit bonus from PokerStars isn't paid out in cash. In order to clear this bonus you have to play a certain number of hands first. How many hands still have to be played can be seen in the cashier of the PokerStars software at any time.
  • You are not entitled to these benefits. IntelliPoker and PokerStars can deny these benefits without stating reasons, change the offer or even remove it completely.

Any questions?