The Basics

In this section you will learn the mechanics of how the game of poker is played.

The first article touches on poker history, why the game is so fun to play and how it has become so popular. The next article, Texas Hold'em Rules, explains how to play the most popular type of poker: the objective, the betting structure and how to deal the cards. The third article, Poker Hand Rankings, demonstrates how to form poker hands and ranks them relative to the other types of poker hands. The fourth article helps you get started playing poker for free by practicing at PokerStars play money tables.


The Exciting World of Poker Poker is a fun and exciting game. Find out what makes poker so popular.
Rules of Texas Hold'em An explanation of the mechanics of the game.
Hand Ranking The player with the best cards wins at showdown. Which hand beats which is explained in this article.
Practicing with Play Money Once you're comfortable with the basics, it's a good idea to << test the waters >> without risking any money. This article explains how to practice with play money for free.