Sit & Go Tournaments Overview

Sit & Go's are tournaments that start when the last player registers. They combine fast-paced action with the excitement of busting other players and the danger of being eliminated. It's a great feeling to win your first Sit & Go and be the last man standing.

Introduction Learn what Sit & Go's are, why they are so much fun and how to categorize hands.
The Early Phase In the first minutes of a Sit & Go the blinds are small and you shouldn't risk many chips. This article teaches you how to cruise through the initial levels and take advantage of opponents' mistakes.
The Middle Phase After a while, the blinds get bigger and more players start to get eliminated. You'll learn how to minimize your risk and grow your stack.
The Bubble This is the most exciting part of the tournament! Three players get paid and four are left. This is called the bubble. You have to put maximum pressure on your opponents, steal blinds, and dodge their attacks at the same time. Find out how to make your opponents sweat.
Three-handed and Heads-up You made it past the bubble and are now guaranteed to win money. Excellent! You can't lose but you can maximize your profits. Learn how to master the final stages of the tournament and go for the win.