SNG Strategy: The Middle Stage

In the middle stage the blinds go up which usually causes the players in the blinds to play tighter. They are afraid that defending their blinds could put a big portion of their stack at risk. That's why it is more important for us to steal the blinds in appropriate situations or to take advantage of our tight image to make some moves, i.e. resteals. But the higher the blinds, the smaller the raise size can be.

Of course, this strategy shouldn't be exaggerated and the basic rule is: play tight!
Especially speculative hands like suited connectors or small pairs lose value in this phase because entering a hand is often so expensive that the implied odds for speculative hands have become unfavourable

In the middle stage, a lot of moves now also depend on our own stack size in relation to the big blind (BB):

  • With 25 BBs or more we have enough chips to take advantage of every good opportunity to steal and shouldn't be afraid of keeping our opponents constantly under pressure.
  • With 15 to 24 BBs we are in a situation where a failed steal attempt can hurt our stack. But we usually still have enough chips after giving up our hand to be able to wait for a playable hand.
  • With ten to 14 BBs it doesn't make sense any more to steal the blinds with marginal hands because...