Poker Etiquette: Part 1

Poker is a game, which combines thrill, excitement, competition and luck and therefore is very entertaining.

Amateurs as well as professionals have discovered the game and the result of this are different claims. While one group of players just want to have fun, the other group takes the game much more serious and from a profit-oriented point of view.

In order to ensure the course of the game, there are clear rules. Without them ongoing discussions due to the many different situations and arguments would be preprogrammed. Despite these rules there can be disagreements when it comes to their interpretation , but more on that can be found below....

Besides these "strict" rules there are also unwritten rules that have less to do with appropriate manners and should make the game as pleasant as possible. Those unwritten rules/laws are also called etiquette.

Compliance of this etiquette should be of great concern for all players, since they optimise the gameplay, support fairness and maintain the competitive spirit. This maintains the fun of the game in the long run.

In this series of articles we want to discuss the different manners at the poker table, whereas we will look at live games (home game, casino) as well as at several rules of etiquette rules, which are relevant for...