No-Limit Hold'em: BSS – The Turn (2)

The most important concepts for playing the turn were already presented in the first part. Now we're going to look at how they can be applied.

It is very favorable to play in position. Most of the situations that we are going to analyze on the turn are therefore hands where we are in position. This article will initially concentrate on strategies to be applied on the turn when in position, followed by a few strategies to be used when OOP (out of position), which is less common.

In position plays


If we have a good made hand on the turn and we are fairly certain that we are currently holding the best hand, then we should almost always bet or raise in case someone else has already bet in front of us. We have now got so far in this hand that it rarely makes sense to slow play such strong hands. Usually the pots have grown to a certain size, meaning that our opponents will often tend to pay us off in order to increase their chances of winning the pot.

So if we have a hand where we are usually ahead and the opponent checks to us, then we should bet. If he bets, we should raise. If an opponent makes a donk bet on the turn and we were the aggressor, then a raise will often be enough for us to win the pot immediately.

A bet can also be very profitably if a...