No-Limit Hold'em: BSS - The River (1)

After the river all of the possible variables were disclosed within the game. The river is therefore very different to the previous betting rounds. Now we either have a (the best) hand or we don't. We can no longer expect any further help.

At this point a lot of players often don't give enough thought to their betting options. The hand is almost over, people's concentration is waning and mentally, the hand is practically finished. However, a profit-oriented player shouldn't simply dismiss the river. On the contrary: The river is often considered the most important round of betting. There are three reasons for this:

  • There are no more drawing hands.
The major difference to all other streets is that now there are only made or trash hands. On the river mostly two players going head to head – one of them has 100% equity, i.e. the winning hand, and the other one 0% equity, i.e. the losing hand.
If we bet on the river with the nuts, then we are betting entirely "for value". There are no other ways of losing the hand, which means that we are entitled to win the entire pot. This train of thoughts is important in terms of bet sizes as concepts such as protection are now of little importance.
  • Big pots are up for grabs on the river.
In the course of the...