No-Limit Hold'em: BSS - The Flop (1)

The basics

This article deals with flop play when using the big stack strategy. As you already know, the flop consists of the first three community cards, meaning that we already know five (hole cards and flop) of seven cards – which makes 71.4%!

The flop determines the strategy that we have to use. Many different information play a important role when it comes to choosing a strategy. While only three factors had to be considered pre-flop, now six are relevant:

  1. The pre-flop actions
  2. Our position (relative to the other players)
  3. The category of our own hand
  4. The structure of the flop
  5. The size of the pot
  6. The number and type of opponents

This article aims to highlight these factors and, in the second part, to explain them by means of practical examples.

1. The pre-flop actions

Before the flop we should observe precisely how our opponents react. Who was the raiser and who was the caller? How many raises were there? These are all questions that influence our flop strategy.

If, for example, a player bets on the flop having already raised pre-flop, then this player is simply continuing his aggression. A player who has only called pre-flop but now shows strength on the flop should be treated differently. Knowing the previous course of a hand is...