No-Limit Hold'em: BSS - Pre-Flop Play

In this article we explain the basic pre-flop strategy with the aim of forming a solid basis for all later betting rounds (flop, turn and river). The playing style described here requires that we are playing at a full ring table (usually with nine or ten players) where the majority of our opponents have stacks in the region of 100 big blinds. If we are at a $0.50/$1 table with a total of nine players, six of whom (us included) have a chip stack of approx. $100, then we can use this strategy to its full effect.

Depending on our own skill level, there are definitely alternatives to the one described here. At the end of the day a number of factors play an important rule in no limit hold'em and therefore influence our pre-flop decisions:

  • our own hand
  • our position at the table
  • the previous course of the hand
  • whether it is easy to read the opponents
  • the playing style of our opponents
  • our own image, i.e. how do our opponents rate us?
  • our opponents' skills
  • the size of our stack in relation to the blinds and to the stacks of our opponents
  • … and other minor factors

It becomes clear that a lot of factors are of importance here, making it impossible to develop and document a perfect pre-flop strategy. Nevertheless, here is a strategy that can make...