No-Limit Hold'em: BSS - Introduction

No-limit hold'em (NLHE) is THE current poker variant. We see it everywhere - in TV shows and books, even in films.

One reason for this success is perhaps the complexity and wide range this game offers to players. Mike Sexton, a well-known poker player and commentator, coined the phrase: "No-limit Texas Hold'em takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master".

No Limit

In no-limit hold'em, the bet sizes have no upper limit, meaning that a player can bet all of his chips at any time. While in limit hold'em only a certain fixed amount can be won or lost in a single hand, in NL a wrong decision can cost you your entire stack..


Risk versus profit

Since the bet sizes are variable in no-limit hold'em and the pots generally become bigger with each round of betting, it is important that we always compare the risk to the potential profit.

A gutshot straight draw e.g. can be played profitably under certain circumstances, a flush draw maybe not. It always depends on the pot size, on the amount we would have to call and on our remaining stack size. Each hand requires a certain, individual ratio between these factors in order to be played profitably.

This ratio has to be determined again and again to become a winning player.

"It depends."

One of the most common phrases spoken...