No-Limit Hold'em: BSS - Bankroll Management

The main difference between a short stack and a big stack is, as the name implies, the amount of money or chips they have at the table. With the increasing amounts at the table our bankroll management should change as well, of course.

In the previous articles of the IntelliPoker strategy section we used limit hold'em and the no-limit hold'em short stack strategy to demonstrate which are the basic principles for an effective and stable bankroll management. These principles apply to all poker variants and of course also to no-limit hold'em games when we have a big stack.

The basic principles

These are the basic principles of bankroll management:

  • Moving up in limits

A certain limit can only be played "safely" if we have a certain bankroll (BR).

  • Moving down in limits

If we no longer have a sufficient bankroll for a certain limit, we should move down a limit. This means that we always have enough money available to minimize the risk of going broke.

  • Self-discipline

In poker and especially in no-limit hold'em, it is very important to take a disciplined approach to strategy and not to deviate due to emotional influences (known as "tilting" in poker terms).

  • Maximum profit vs. maximum security

Depending on our own BR management,...