No-Limit Hold'em: BSS - Advanced Concepts

Up to now we have been looking at no-limit hold'em big stack strategy articles containing a number of possible approaches for individual betting rounds. Each situation was analysed separately together with the respective concept. In theory we should already be able to select the right strategy.

However, in order to fine tune our strategy, this article will look at the concepts that we as an advanced player can deploy to perfect our gameplay.

  1. Bet sizes
  2. Hand ranges
  3. Betting patterns
  4. Way ahead / way behind situations
  5. Making moves

1. Bet sizes

In contrast to limit hold'em, in no -limit games we have to decide how much to bet or by how much we want to raise. The size of these values has a direct effect on our win rate.

If we aren't sure how to act in such situations, we should apply the following rule:

If we don't know how much to bet, we should bet two thirds of the pot.

However, we need to adjust the amount we bet depending on the situation. Doing so allows us to follow the protection principle and promote value maximisation.

  • What should our minimum bet be?

We should always bet an amount that is at least enough to give our opponents a bad ratio between the amount they have to bet and the potential winnings. A good...