NLHE 6-max: The Turn (1)

We continued playing our hand after the flop and are consequently now on the turn. Here we are again faced with a number of various decisions. They will be strongly influenced by our previous actions and those of our opponents on the flop. For this reason our article is divided into two sections, both of which are directly related to the previous actions on the flop and on the different positions. The first part is about turn play when we were the pre-flop aggressor and in position.

Turn play as pre-flop aggressor in position

Let's begin with one of the simpler scenarios that occurs very often. After our opponent checked on the flop we made a continuation bet and were called. These situations occur very often because as the pre-flop aggressor we will usually make a continuation bet, regardless of whether we have hit the flop or missed it completely. 

Many opponents make what is known as a loose call on the flop in such situations with marginal or weak hands even when they are out of position because they don't often expect us to have a really strong hand, particularly in shorthanded games. Far too often they are worried about being bluffed with mere overcards or a draw, since pre-flop aggressors usually make exactly this continuation bet.

What do we do now if...