NLHE 6-max: The River (1)

On the river we either want to get paid off on our good hands or force opponents that are holding a better hand out of the pot in order to prevent a showdown that we can't win. Sometimes, however, we also have to fold a good hand if the river card is an unfavourable one and an opponent suddenly becomes active with a big bet.

We have divided this topic into two separate articles. We distinguish, as usual, between different situations, always according to whether we're in position or out of position. The first part of this article deals with various different techniques and ways of playing the river in position: value betting and thin value betting, checking behind and bluffing.

In position

At this point our article is directly related to the previous action on the turn. If we have bet a made hand both on the flop and on the turn, then on the river we must decide whether we …

…make a value bet:

Are we convinced that we're holding the best hand, and would hands that we beat call (another) bet? River cards that could typically prohibit making a value bet are flush cards that appear when there has already been a flush draw on the board since the flop. The same applies to obvious straight draws that have arrived. A scenario of this type could be as follows. We're...