NLHE 6-max: The Flop (2)

  • In the second part we will take a look at situations where we are faced with a bet or a raise/check-raise of our opponent on the flop after we have made a continuation bet (see part 1).

The donk bet

In many pots, where we were the pre-flop aggressor and in position, it will happen every once in a while that one of our opponents bets into us. This will primarily happen on safe boards, such as , according to the principle: "My opponent raised, the board only contains small cards so let's make him lay down ." Betting into the pre-flop aggressor is also know as donk bet. This kind of bet is almost always a sign of weakness and uncertainty. Somebody …

  • … wants to try to buy the pot straight away, without having hit anything and thereby assumes that the pre-flop raiser hasn't hit as well.
  • … has hit the flop, but is out of position and not sure, if his middle pair or top pair with weak kicker is the best hand.
  • … wants to see the next card cheaply by making a small bet, if the preflop raiser just calls the donk bet instead of raising. This special bet is also known as "blocking bet". In this situation it would be a small blocking bet and since we can't make a continuation bet, which would be significantly bigger, the player who is on a draw can determine...