NLHE 6-max: Bankroll Management

In 6-max no-limit hold'em we're exposed to a very high variance due to the large number of hands played and the increased, aggressive pressure exerted by our opponents and by our own need to play even marginal hands from time to time. This can easily be minimized in a full ring game by restricting ourselves to playing only premium hands, i.e. pairs and strong aces.

The inevitable variance in 6-max games can however do a considerable amount of damage to our bankroll, despite making correct plays and decisions. Paired with a couple of bad decisions - something we as poker players cannot claim to avoid completely - and the occasional emotional blackouts (tilt), an insufficient bankroll on shorthanded tables can mean going broke quickly. Especially when things are going really badly, we tend to change our playing style unconsciously. We perhaps play more tight than we should in some situations because we're worried about losing even more, or we do exactly the opposite and overplay some hands in the hope of winning our money back as fast as possible. All these factors have to be taken into consideration when it comes to solid bankroll management.

Stack management

We want to counteract the pressure of variance by increasing our bankroll in order to have a very big conservative...