NLHE 6-max: An Introduction

Whoever regularly sits at a no-limit-hold'em full ring cash game table with nine other players and plays successfully with a full stack (100 BBs) will perhaps be able to confirm some of the following theses:

  1. You need a lot of patience. This is simply because, firstly, with nine opponents we need better starting hands than with less opponents (heads-up or shorthanded). Secondly, the games last longer, since there are more players involved and they take more time for their decisions.
  2. Impatience and frustration due to the many poor starting hands can lead us to lower our own standards and play poorer hands or stay in a hand too long with a mediocre holding.
  3. We have to play very tight and selectively because when our opponents do play, they generally have very strong hands.
  4. In most cases we can determine the strength of the hands well, and above all, reliably. If we have top pair with top kicker, for example, and are raised, we can usually assume we're beaten.
  5. Players have to pay the blinds less often (twice every ten hands). The blinds are therefore not defended so strongly. This makes stealing the blinds in late position a little easier.
  6. A lot of full ring players play pretty tight. This makes it difficult to get paid off with our good hands.

Many of these...