Manual: How to use PokerStars tickets

This manual will explain how to use tournament tickets on PokerStars that you won in our quizzes or accquired otherwise.

How to check your tickets

Before using your tickets, you should check which ones you have. To do so open the PokerStars client and log in. Then click "Requests" in the top and then "Tournament Tickets". A complete list of all your tickets will be shown.

How to use the Basic-Quiz-Ticket

  • Go to the PokerStars Lobby and log in
  • Select the "Tourney" tab
  • Select the "Private" subcategory
  • Sort by name and find the "$1000 Beginners' Tournament
  • Click on the tournament and then "Register" in the bottom right

How to use other Tickets

If you have won a $1.50 or $3.50 we suggest that you play 9 player Sit & Gos'. This is how you do it:
  • Go to the PokerStars Lobby and log in
  • Select the Sit & Go Lab
  • Select the "1-Table" subcategory
  •  Activate the "Show registering/upcoming only" button in the bottom right and the filter in the bottom left
  • Use the Sit & Go Tournament Filter option as indicated on the Screenshot
  • Choose your $1.50 or $3.50 Sit & Go