MTT Strategy: Bankroll Management

Just as in a classic cash game, good bankroll management is also a prerequisite for long-term success in tournament poker. The goal is on the one hand to maximise profit and on the other hand to minimise the probability of losing the entire bankroll.

The average buy-in

As opposed to sit-and-go's, with MTTs it's hardly possible to play only tournaments with the same buy-in. The reason for this is that there are too few tournaments with the same buy-in and those few are temporally far apart from each other. We should therefore set ourselves a standard buy-in, while at the same time playing interesting tournaments where the buy-in is perhaps slightly higher or lower.

  • Example:
We normally play $4.40 180-player tournaments. If a $5.50 or a $2.20 multi table tournament gets under way, the deviation from our standard would be acceptable and we could play them too.

The 100 ABI rule

In general, our bankroll should be 100 times the size of the average buy-in. If our bankroll gets smaller, we should slowly reduce the size of our average buy-in as well. This can't be done step by step as in SnGs or cash games, but is as a rule fluid.

The 100 ABI rule applies to normal freeze out tournaments. Especially for re-buy tournaments, which are very popular at PokerStars,...