Live Poker Training sets new standards. Live Poker Training is the perfect addition in order to be able to implement the knowledge acquired from all the articles and videos into practice.

Considering the names first, it quickly becomes clear what this education part is all about.

  • Live: All sessions are live sessions. As a participant you therefore have the opportunity to ask questions, which are answered immediately by the IntelliPoker experts.
  • Poker: In a training session it is all about poker. No variant is left aside. Texas Hold'em or Omaha, big tournaments, SnGs or cash games, full ring or 6-max. It doesn't  matter if you have a big or a short stack: There is something for every taste.
  • Training: When you want to play successful poker you have to be willing to permanently work on your game. In order to do this theoretical knowledge is as important as implementing single strategies and concepts. Similar to the preparation for a sports competition or for an exam at the university you have to practice your own skills first, before they can be applied successfully at the poker table.

Those three elements are combined here in an unique and interactive tool, which at a glance offers everything required for an effective training: Poker tables, an audio player as well as a chat function. No additional software is required – you simply have to view the training schedule at IntelliPoker, choose a certain course or session, register and open the corresponding link.


The newly developed training tool with poker tables, chat and audio broadcast

What does a Live Training look like?

The coach plays at the real money tables of PokerStars, which can be viewed in real-time by all participants of the respective session due to the browser-based tool. The coach, whose hole cards you can see as well, not only commentates his actions at the table via the audio player, but also explains his strategic train of thoughts. The participants have the opportunity to ask questions via the chat function, which are answered immediately by our coaches.

For further information go to the detailed Instruction on our Live Poker Training.

Overview of available features 

  1. Live broadcast – The IntelliPoker experts play at the real money tables of PokerStars, which is broadcasted in real time via the coaching tool.
  2. Well-prepared sessions – The content of a session can be prepared in an optimal way via the specifically developed hand replayer. Thus, interesting and instructive hands as well as enough time for questions and discussions is guaranteed.
  3. The auditory broadcast – Thanks to a special audio technology the coach can be understood clearly and precisely. He can therefore quickly focus on the questions and wishes of the participants.
  4. The chat function – Interested users have the opportunity to ask our Intellipoker experts questions via the chat. Thus, everybody has the chance to bring up the subjects that are important to him/her.
  5. Special tools – The coaches have a wide range of helpful tools available. They can create sketches directly at the table or allocate avatars to certain players in order to classify them into different groups of players.

Further important information:

  • Our Coaches

Our IntelliPoker experts play and at the same time explain their actions. The team consists of experienced players, authors and poker stars. Here you can find out, who are the men behind the microphone:

Go to Coaches

  • The Instruction

What does a training look like? Which software do I need? How can I take part?

The answers can be found in our detailed instruction.

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  • The Rules

How to behave during a session? What is allowed and what is prohibited?

The rules that have to be observed during a course or a session can be found here:

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