Limit Hold'em: The Flop old

The flop is a decisive moment in Texas Hold'em. It is very important for us to be able to determine the strength of our own hand before we continue playing on the flop. Mistakes made on the flop often lead to further, expensive mistakes on the turn and river.

Generally, on the flop we should ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Are there any reasons for folding the hand and if so, what are they
  • What reasons are there for checking/calling?
  • What reasons are there for raising?

Here is a list of aspects we should take into consideration on the flop:

  • The strength of our own hand
  • How strong is our hand? Can we allow ourselves to slow play our hand (playing a very strong hand passively)? If we have a draw, how strong is it?
  • The structure of the flop (this is explained later on).
  • The number of opponents
  • The size of the pot
  • The opponents' possible hands

In this article we will deal with the various made hands, i.e. hands that do not require improvement, and their respective strengths.

Made Hands

  1. Straight and flush

    These are obviously monster hands, thus extremely strong card combinations. It is often better not to slow play (i.e. to check) these hands but rather to play them aggressively on the...