Limit Hold'em: Hand Analysis (8)

In this article of our series of example hands in limit hold'em, the hand is divided into four parts and every part is described precisely.

In this hand we're holding and hit a pretty good flop.


"Villain 2" limps in front of us. We have and raise. The big blind and "villain 2" call, the rest of the players fold.

Villain 2 calls.

Hero raises.

Big Blind calls.

Villains 2 calls.


Big Blind checks.

Villain 2 checks.


A good flop for our hand. We should definitely make a continuation bet here. We're holding a strong made hand and a bet helps us to find out if we really have the best hand.

Hero bets.

Big Blind calls.

Villain 2 folds.


Big Blind checks.


We should definitely bet here.

Hero bets.

Big Blind calls.

The big blind calls again. He may has a pair and a gutshot, for example or or a weaker ace (e.g. ). Since our opponent only calls here, we almost always have the best hand.


Big Blind checks.

The is obviously a very good card for us. We bet, maybe our opponent will call with a weaker hand.

Hero bets.

Big Blinds calls.

Hero shows .

Big Blind mucks.

The big blind was holding .