Limit Hold'em: Hand Analysis (7)

In this article of our series of example hands in limit hold'em, we divide the hand into four parts and every part is described precisely.

In this hand we hit top pair on the flop against the pre-flop aggressor and have to decide how aggressively we should play it.

In this hand we are on the button holding :Ks:Qc. Two players in middle and late position, "villain 4" and "villain 5", both call before it's our turn to act. We also call. The small blind now raises, the big blind, the opponent in late position and we call. The opponent in middle position folded.

                                      Villain 4 calls  
                                      Villain 5 calls
                                      Hero calls
                                      SB raises
                                      BB calls
                                      Villain 4 folds
                                      Villain 5 calls
                                      Hero calls

Flop :2c:9c:Kd

                                        SB bets
                                        BB folds
                                        Villain 5 folds

We hit a good flop. We have top pair with the second-highest kicker. Generally we should raise here because we probably have the...