Limit Hold'em: Hand Analysis (4)

In this article of our series of example hands in limit hold'em, every hand is divided into four parts and every part is described precisely.

In this hand we only have overcards on the flop and have to make a difficult decision after our pre-flop raise.



We have in early position and raise as recommended in the SHC. A player in middle position, the button and the big blind call.


                                      Hero raises.

                                      Villain 5 calls.

                                      Villain 8 calls.

                                      Big Blind calls. 



A very bad flop for our hand. This flop hits a lot of hands, just not ours, and this is why we shouldn't make a continuation bet here and simply fold. On this flop we can't continue playing against three opponents.

                                   Big Blind checks.

                                   Hero checks.

                                   Villain 1 bets.

                                   Villain 2 calls. 

                                   Big Blind folds.


Although we get pot odds of around 8:1 here, we should fold because we don't know with which of our outs we would have the best hand. If the turn is a , for example, we could lose a big pot to a flush. We're possibly playing against monster hands such as , , or even and no longer have any real chance of winning


                                  Hero folds.