Limit Hold'em: Hand Analysis (3)

In this article of our series of example hands in limit hold'em, every hand is divided into four parts and every part is described precisely.

In this hand we're in the small blind and play a big pot holding an overpair. 




We have in the small blind. All the players fold to "villain 6", who is in middle, he raises. "Villain 9" also raises on the button. We should definitely cap here because we almost certainly have the best hand, whereas if we don't cap, under certain it could become, under certain circumstances, very difficult to play the hand.

                                      Villain 6 raises.
                                      Villain 9 3-bets.
                                      Hero caps.
                                      Villain 6 calls.
                                      Villain 9 calls.


We have to bet here because we'll generally have the best hand and shouldn't give a free card.

                                     Hero bets.
                                     Villain 6 calls.
                                     Villain 9 raises.

We now have to decide whether to call or raise again. Another raise may force "villain 6" to fold, which would be a big advantage.

                                     Hero 3-bets
                                     Villain 6 folds.
                                     Villain 9 calls.


Our plan of getting "villain 6" to fold has worked. Now we're only playing against "villain 9". 


A good turn: we can continue with the assumption that we still have the best hand, and should therefore bet. If "villain 9" raises we should call on the turn and river.


                                    Hero bets.
                                    Villain 9 calls.


We should bet here as well because this card will normally not change anything.


                                  Hero bets.
                                  Villain 9 calls.

                                  Villain 9 mucks .

All in all, our aggressive play has won us a big pot. By forcing "villain 6" to fold the probability of winning the hand increased considerably. "Villain 9" also played his hand very well.