Limit Hold'em: Analyzing Hands - An Overview

The rules of poker can be learned quickly and the theory of the various strategies is also no major challenge. The main problem with poker is applying the acquired knowledge in practice, a hurdle often not mastered by many people.
The following hand analyses should help players to apply and understand what they have learned in the articles of the education center. We will simulate a total of nine example hands and then analyse them step by step.

Analysing limit hands - an overview

In the first hand we raise with under the gun. We get raised and find out why we should play this hand passively.
We're holding and hit a pair on the turn. The decision on the river is the most interesting aspect here, since the board pairs.
In the third hand we have in the small blind. We find out why this hand should be played very aggressively against two opponents.
Here it becomes clear that is a very good hand, but we need to hit the flop when we are up against several opponents.
In this hand we have on the button. Unfortunately, an ace appears on the flop and our opponent bets into us.
As in the last hand, we again have . We are in early position and raise, the flop contains an overcard and we have various options how to continue the hand.
is a very marginal hand at a full ring table. We call on the button and hit top pair.
We have and hit a good flop. The aim here is to maximise our profit.
Sometimes we simply miss the flop and have to give up our hand. Here we call pre-flop with and the flop contains three overcards.

Once you have understood the strategy articles and how to apply them by following the hand analyses, you will have a very solid basis for playing successful poker. It is however helpful to discuss various hands and situations and to consider the options and outcomes. In the IntelliPoker forum, there are special example hand forums available which we recommend you visit in order to develop your poker skills further.

We wish you good luck and have fun!