Limit Hold'em: An Introduction old

Limit Hold'em: Introduction

Poker is a game, where you are either lose money or you constantly try to study further and accordingly make profit. This is exactly the same in fixed-limit hold'em (short: limit hold'em).

In order to develop a comprehensive poker knowledge it is therefore important to make yourself familiar with this type of poker. At IntelliPoker we explain step by step which ways and means are necessary to become successful. We make the first step with limit hold'em. 

Limit hold'em is a very popular type of poker. In the past, casinos offered practically only limit hold'em or Stud. Although nowadays a lot of no-limit hold'em is played, limit hold'em remains a widespread game. At any time you can find dozens of tables at PokerStars where games are being played at various limits.

Limit Hold'em is the ideal game for beginners

The reason for this is simply that you can only bet a fixed amount. You therefore don't have to make the decision how much to bet. Moreover, you can only lose a relatively small amount of chips in a single hand.

Despite that, Limit Hold'em is also suitable for advanced players

In limit hold'em you often have to make very complex decisions. Thus, every right decision gives you a small advantage over your opponent. Since you have...