Interactive Tools - An Overview

IntelliPoker offers you a wide range of tools that will help you to improve your game.

This article provides an overview of the most important tools and their respective area of application.


The education center is the heart of the poker school at IntelliPoker. All poker strategies, tactics and knowledge lead back to this point.
The education center is an interactive tool that provides users with access to the poker school content. Beginners and advanced players can both find suitable material here in order to expand and develop their own poker knowledge. If you are new to the world of poker, the training centre offers you a wide range of articles and videos covering all of the basic knowledge. From registering at PokerStars through to the rules of the game – you will find everything you need to start playing successful poker. Another important part of the education center are the quizzes. These are used to prove whether you have understood what you have learned and whether you can implement it. If you pass a quiz you can move on to the next training section, and, as an additional bonus you will receive IntelliPoker points (IPP) and other bonus offers depending on the quiz you have passed.
This combination of articles, videos and quizzes promises users an effective method of improving their poker knowledge. The main advantage of the education center is that it shows you which steps users have already taken and which steps you still have to work on. This means that users can always monitor their progress during training.


Whether pre–flop or post-flop, on the turn or on the river – the odds calculator is one of the few online poker tools that is of enormous importance when it comes to assessing your hand. If we aren't sure, for example, whether a card combination would be profitable purely from a mathematical point of view, this tool can be very useful. The odds calculator helps you to determine the probability of winning a single hand or series of hands and is therefore a great help to both beginners and advanced players.
The odds calculator can be used in many different areas: The table view into which everything is compiled at the end, the selection of one or more starting hands for up to ten players, the selection of three, four or five community cards and of course the opportunity to adjust dead cards. After fulfilling all of the conditions, the odds calculator will check a very large number of hands in a very short space of time and show the probability of winning, losing or splitting.
Preflop-BeraterThe pre-flop hand advisor helps you to make the right decisions before the flop. This tool provides beginners with quick advice and helps them to manage difficult situations quicker. The pre-flop hand advisor is aimed at limit Hold'em games with nine or ten players at the table, known as full ring tables.
There are four different menus above the table in which you can enter the following parameters:
  1. Starting hand
  2. Position
  3. My actions
  4. Action
These parameters allow the pre-flop advisor to determine how we should play. We have to enter three of the four parameters and click on start.
  • The bankroll advisor (in progress)

Bankroll-BeraterBankroll management is an essential part of a win-oriented player's repertoire in every type of poker. As a poker player we should on the one hand try to maximize profit, on the other hand minimize the probability of losing the whole bankroll. These two goals are opposesd to each other.
This tool helps to determine the required bankroll for a certain limit or to find the right limit for a specific bankroll. We can also calculate our long-term profit. 
The bankroll advisor is still being worked on and will be available in 2008.
  • Hand replayer

Hand-ReplayerThe hand replayer allows us to play hands interactively. These are then shown in a window, just like at a real PokerStars table. Here we have various hand editing options. We can show the cards right from the start, pause or end playback at a certain time and add comments or even statistics about opponents. This means that we can replay single hands as well as a whole series of hands (e.g. a full tournament).
The hand replayer is mainly used by bloggers. It is currently being developed and will soon be fully available to all registered users as well as in the forum in order to discuss hands.