Fixed Limit Hold'em Course

In Fixed Limit Hold'em you can only bet or raise a fixed amount. This makes it different from No Limit, where you can bet all the chips you have at any given time. A fixed betting structure can therefore limit your options, but also reduces the size of possible mistakes, making Fixed Limit a safer starting point for beginners, yet still a challenging game.

Introduction This article explains why Fixed Limit Hold'em is great for beginners, and also introduces some basic strategy including playing draws and tight aggressive play.
Preflop Play A breakdown of preflop play including topics such as the quality of your own hand, your position at the table, the number of players in the hand and previous actions. Learn our starting hand chart to improve your preflop play.
The Flop Learn how to evaluate your hand in relation to the cards dealt on the flop using the texture of the board along with various different examples of Limit Hold'em flop situations.
The Turn How to play once the betting amount has doubled on the turn. Showing you the optimal play when holding both strong and weak hands whilst reviewing your options to Bet, Raise, Check-raise or fold on the turn.
The River The river is your final round of betting, this lesson will help you to learn the best action to make on the river.
FLHE Quiz Here's where you get to prove you've mastered the course.