Concepts: Player Types

Here we will look at the different player types and learn practical tips on how to identify them. But this knowledge alone is not enough, which is why I will also explain how we should play against the defined player types.

Loose vs. tight

If somebody plays either loose or tight depends on his starting hand selection. A tight player will only play premium hands with which he can make fairly easy decisions in the following betting rounds, while a loose player is willing to play a far greater number of hands which could land him in difficult situations and force him to make marginal decisions on a regular basis. We can use both playing styles to our advantage once we have identified which type of player our opponent is.
But for the moment, let's concentrate on HOW we can recognize the different playing styles.


Count the number of hands a certain player plays per orbit (complete round at a table with ten players). At this point it is irrelevant whether he calls or raises, but hands in the big blind where he simply checks should not be included. If the player gets involved in one or two hands per orbit on average, then he should be considered a "tight" player. If the player gets involved in five or more hands, then he should be classified as being "loose". However, if...