Courses Overview

IntelliPoker has four courses to help beginners learn the basics of poker and start playing for fun and profit. The first two help beginners understand the basic mechanics of playing the game as well as the core concepts. The other two courses are designed to help players develop winning strategies for No Limit Sit & Go tournaments and Fixed Limit Texas Hold'em.

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The Basics You'll learn the rules of poker, the hand rankings and how to practice for free before you start playing for real money.
Core Concepts The Core concepts of poker are explained here. Whether you want to play the ever-popular Texas Hold'em or some of the more exotic variations like Omaha Hi/Lo or Razz, understanding these core concepts is a must before looking at the strategies of specific variants.
Sit & Go Tournaments Sit & Gos' are fast paced and fun tournaments. They usually take less than one hour to play and combine fast-paced action with the excitement of busting other players and the danger of being eliminated.
Fixed Limit Hold'em Fixed Limit Hold'em is a great game to start learning poker. The limited bet sizes mean you don't have to risk all of your money on one hand, a very important consideration when you are just beginning to build your bankroll.
MTT Learn the foundations of Tournament Play, broken down into different stages of the tournament from the Early phase all the way to the Final Table. These strategies will help you be better prepared for your next MTT.