No Limit Hold'em SSS: Pre-Flop Play

The short stack strategy is based on playing profitable starting hands. Marginal and weak hands are folded before the flop. This article describes which hands can be regarded as profitable, depending on the situation.

We have included a starting hand chart (see below) to illustrate and provide a better overview of when and how certain hands should be played. It provides clear instructions as to which action is recommended with which starting hands.

Various factors determine whether or not, and how a hand should be played:

  1. What hand do I have?
  2. Which position do I have at the table?
  3. What are my opponents doing before it is my turn to act?

If you are the short stack at a table, you only need to answer these three questions and follow the instructions in the chart in order to implement short stack strategy.

Starting hands

The starting hand chart can be downloaded from the downloads

The hands listed here can of course be adapted depending on the opponent and your own playing style. So or , for example, would be acceptable starting hand to move all-in with if you were playing a more loose playing style.